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REBIRTH April 6, 2010

Posted by Brad in video.

Yuni started the season pretty well.



1. Slade - September 19, 2010

I don’t know that I have the dedication to root for Yuni, but I sure as hell have to watch the guy. I wouldn’t have found this site at all, except that I now have some money on the line. I bet my brother last week that Yuni wouldn’t work a 3-0 count the rest of the year, and things are looking up for me. So far, one error and one 2-0 count…

It should be noted that I doubled down the money I bet on opening day that the Royals wouldn’t surpass 53 wins, so I’m just trying to get the money back, and there’s no other way to stay interested in baseball in Kansas City without subsidizing the time commitment with illegal acts.

So, I guess I might try to keep up with the captain of my ship of fools, but it won’t be generally endearing or apologetic toward the Yuni cause. I might just start following Dan Cortez.

But anyway, this whole thing made me laugh my ass off.

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