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Vandalism! April 12, 2009

Posted by Brad in Uncategorized.

This isn’t breaking any new ground, but there’s often incorrect information on Wikipedia.  Even Yuniesky Betancourt’s page is subject to vandalism.  It’s worth highlighting here because it’s second-grade-level vandalism.  Back in January, someone changed “He was considered the fastest second baseman in the Cuban league” to “He was considered the horniest second baseman in the Cuban league.”  Zing.  The author, an anonymous poster from Worcester, Mass., sadly has no sources for Yuni’s libido, and hasn’t tried vandalizing his page any other time.  The out of place adjective only lasted for one minute; a mod used a robot to correct it.

Surprisingly, the old story of Yuni arriving in Mexico on a raft is still on his biography.  It’s not what happened, though.

Side note: Backup shortstop Ronny Cedeno has a longer Wikipedia entry than Yuni.  I’ll have to fix that the next time I need to procrastinate.



1. D.S. - April 14, 2009

Thanks for the couple of recent posts. I recently got into Yuniesky myself – I was trying to explain fantasy baseball to a Mariners fan friend and ended up saying, “Basically, you don’t want Yuniesky Betancourt.” Somehow, after that, I became interested in the guy.

Glad to see someone out there likes him.

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