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Yuni’s play in July? Sigh… August 7, 2008

Posted by Brad in news, stats.

Here’s what I said about Yuniesky Betancourt’s play in June.

[He was] just awful.  Yuni didn’t hit, didn’t walk, and didn’t help his team at all.  He didn’t even play that much.

Aside from “didn’t walk,” those grievances apply to Yuni’s play in july, only moreso.  Here are the grisly stats:

.207/.233/.244 (slash stats-AVG/OBP/SLG), 3 2B, 5 RBI, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, 1 SB, .213 BABIP, -1 WPA, -0.05 Clutch

Ouch.  It’s hard to even write about how bad Yuni’s been.  He was even benched in favor of Willie Bloomquist toward the end of the month.  I thought Yuni would hit close to .300 this season, but instead he can’t even keep his job.  Newspaper writers and the Mariners’ broadcast announcers have started pointing out Yuni’s terrible plate discipline and inability to hit this season.  As I point out every month, Yuni’s offense is completely driven by his batting average on balls in play.  In July, it was .213.  That’s awful.

Here are his defensive stats (which do include some of August):

17 errors, .965 fielding percentage, .823 RZR, 18 OOZ

That’s a lot of errors (9 in the past 5 weeks), yet according to The Hardball Times, Yuni’s having his best defensive season since his rookie year.  That’s something I guess.

Aside from his slight uptick in walks and apparently decent defense, the only good news from July is that Yuni wasn’t traded by the Mariners.  (The way he played, no one would give up anything for him.)  At least he’ll still have his bobblehead giveaway tomorrow night.  My apologies in advance to anyone in the left field bleachers that wants to enjoy the game peacefully.



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