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June was a painful month for Yuni July 1, 2008

Posted by Brad in stats.
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June was a rough month for Yuniesky Betancourt.  Let’s start with the numbers:

.220/.220/.308 (slash stats), 6 2B, 1 3B, 6 RBI, no walks, 6 strikeouts, 1 CS, .235 BABIP, -1.15 WPA, -0.22 Clutch

Those numbers are just awful.  Yuni didn’t hit, didn’t walk, and didn’t help his team at all.  He didn’t even play that much.  His 23 games were as few as he’s played in any month since I started this blog last September (he had a leg injury then), though he only missed three of the team’s games, including last night because he had dental surgery.  Still, Yuni managed to rack up the second worst WPA among shortstops in June.  Only the shell of Miguel Tejada played worse.  Ugh.  If you want to point to a reason why Yuni’s been awful (besides lack of ability in playing baseball), look to his BABIP.  Since he doesn’t walk (seriously, he didn’t get a base on balls all month), his offensive production is based on his balls in play dropping for hits.  In June, they dropped less than one out of every four times.  Again, ugh.

To add injury to insult, June was also the month that Yuni was spiked by Brandon Inge and mitt-punched by Mike Napoli.  I bet his dentist didn’t treat him gingerly, either.  Even his soccer-playing friend Maykel Galindo was sidelined by a “sports hernia” surgery.  And, to add a bit more insult, this month also had Michael Lewis’ story in Vanity Fair calling out Yuni for not being very forthcoming about how he came forth to the U.S.

It’s been really, really bad.  Here are some defensive numbers (for the whole season):

9 errors, .973 fielding percentage,  .811 RZR,  12 OOZ

These stats from The Hardball Times actually show some improvement in the field.  Yuni only made two errors in June (the fewest in any month this year) and raised his RZR by 30 points, probably due to making five out of zone plays.  Yuni’s leapfrogged Bobby Crosby, and is only the third-worst defensive shortstop in the AL.  Julio Lugo is still chilling in the cellar.

When the 2008 season began, I was genuinely hoping and believing that it would be Yuni’s ascent into a legitimate major league baseball player.  I’ve pretty much given up that dream.

Go M’s!



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