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Yuni’s in The Onion, McLaren’s out of work June 19, 2008

Posted by Brad in commentary.
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Just go read it: Cuban Refugee Yuniesky Betancourt Prefers Castro To M’s Manager John McLaren.

Anytime someone tells me it’s silly or creepy or a sign of mental illness to write a blog devoted to an average-to-below average shortstop, I’m a little bit hurt.  Mostly by the insult, but also because my assailant doesn’t quite get the innate joy of Yuniesky Betancourt.  He can change your life.  The Onion gets it.

That said, this article gets a couple things wrong:

#1: They picked the day of John McLaren’s firing to run this article.  Bad timing.

#2: Yuni never EVER says this much in post-game interviews.  I wish he would actually talk about Castro or McLaren or anything.  (I’d especially like to know what he and Adrian Beltre talk about.)

#3: Yuni doesn’t hate Miguel Cairo.  (His critique of Cairo is apt, though.)

#4: Yuni flees countries in speedboats, not makeshift rafts.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty great story.



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