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Another metric hates Yuni’s defense June 12, 2008

Posted by Brad in stats.
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Each month I point out how The Hardball Times’ Revised Zone Rating (RZR) thinks Yuni plays below average defense. A couple days ago, MGL released Ultimate Zone Rating ZR numbers for this year, and Yuni is… awful. Right now he’s the worst shortstop in baseball. If he plays at his current level of suck, he’ll cost the Mariners 31 runs over 150 games, which is 10 runs worse than anyone else (specifically, David Eckstein and Bobby Crosby) and 67 runs worse than Gold Glover Orlando Cabrera.
According to these numbers, the only players worse at defending their respective positions are Mike Jacobs at first base, Jim Edmonds and Josh Hamilton in center field, and Brad Hawpe, Bobby Abreu, and Jeff Francoeur in right field. (Ken Griffey, Jr. is tied with Yuni at -31)
As I’ve said before, I can’t believe that Yuni is that bad a shortstop. Yes, he’s a textbook case of scouting and statistics not lining up, but I don’t think the numbers are telling the whole story. Yes, Yuni’s range seems to be shrinking, but is he really one of the 10 worst fielders in baseball? I’d say he’s not even the worst fielder on the M’s (that’d go to Raul Ibanez or Richie Sexson).



1. scott - June 12, 2008

now you’re hitting below the belt. richie’s fielding is one of the reasons adrian and yuni look good. they just rifle it over and rely on his 6’8″ reach to pick it up. richie may be struggling at the plate, but he’s got first covered.

2. Brad - June 13, 2008

Richie is a big target, but he fields first terribly. He’s very much like Yuni in that too many balls elude his diving. And has no arm to speak of. His relay to the plate on Monday’s game was a joke (http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/9732/RichieThrow2.gif)
Part of the reason Miguel Cairo’s an almost palatable replacement is because he plays decent defense at first.
(Too be fair, THT puts Sexson as a middle-of-the-pack defender among AL 1Bs: http://www.hardballtimes.com/thtstats/main/index.php?view=fielding&linesToDisplay=50&orderBy=zone_rating&direction=DESC&qual_filter=1&season_filter%5B%5D=2008&league_filter%5B%5D=1&pos_filter%5B%5D=3&Submit=Submit)

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