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Bill James does not approve June 11, 2008

Posted by Brad in commentary.
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I can’t scan the whole list (I’m not an ESPN Insider), but Fire Joe Morgan says that one of Bill James 10 Commandments of Sabermetricians is:

5) Thou shalt make no idol of the light-hitting middle infielder.

Wow.  I’ve so totally sinned.  I’ll have to say ten Hail Rotisseries and pray to Voros McCracken for forgiveness.

In completely unrelated news, M’s pitcher Brandon Morrow has been told to change his sleeping position to avoid hurting his throwing shoulder.  (Hat tip: Enjoy the Enjoyment.)



1. Anonymous - June 12, 2008

1) Thou Shalt not Bunt.

2) Thou Shalt Have no Low On Base Percentages Before the Cleanup Hitter

3) Honor the three-run homer and the leadoff walk.

4) Thou shalt not steal at anything less than a 70% success rate.

5) Thou shalt make no idol of the light-hitting middle infielder.

6) Thou shalt not count to the credit of the pitcher that which is done by his fielders or by his hitters, nor charge him with their failings.

7) Thou shalt not abuse thy starting pitchers.

8) Thou shalt make no effort to ride the hot hand, for the hot hand is but a shape in the wind.

9) Place thy faith not in veterans, when youth be available to ye.

10) Thou shalt not pass freely thy opponent’s number eight hitter, nor his cleanup hitter, nor his left-handed pinch hitter, nor any hitter that is thy opponent’s.

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