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Obviously, Yuni’s not a golfer May 31, 2008

Posted by Brad in commentary, video.
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Consider this video:

This is Yuniesky Betancourt at Raul Ibanez’s golf tournament benefiting helping vanquish cystic fibrosis.  I’m not at all troubled by Yuni’s putting form, which can generously be described as “putt-putt-esque.”  Baseball and golf are both deceptively easy stick and ball sports but there isn’t any intrinsic crossover in talent.  (This explains why the Dominican Republic hasn’t produced any good golfers.  This does not explain why Phil Mickelson and John Daly are successful golfers with physiques that can be described as “Kruk-esque.”)

What is troubling is Yuni’s celebration at nearly making a putt.  Dave Sims’ metaphor about ladies at Bloomingdale’s (a reference people in Seattle totally get, given that the closest Bloomingdale’s is over 800 miles away) and Yuni’s full-body fleece covering allude to the low temperature, which could explain why Yuni felt the need to jump up and down.  He’s from Cuba, where it’s never cold (but it’s frequently the Cold War).  Clanging the ball off the back of the hole isn’t making the put from the edge of the green, and jumping up and down after failing isn’t how a champion behaves.  I didn’t condemn Yuni’s recent pout after being pulled for a pinch-hitter, but this display makes me question his determination.

Still, it’s funny to watch.



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