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Who watched Yuni hit that home run? May 28, 2008

Posted by Brad in photos.
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None other than this lady:

That’s Juliette from Lost.


  • She must be taking a red eye to Hawai’i to film tomorrow’s season finale.  Isn’t all TV still filmed in front of a live studio audience?
  • Juliette is clearly Jack’s soulmate; they both like the Red Sox.
  • Which Lost character would Yuni be?  Probably Boone or Frogurt.  Maybe Michael, because they’ve both been on speedboats.  Ichiro would be Sayid.  Miguel Cairo would probably be Bernard.
  • She really came with a dude sporting a Sideshow Bob haircut?


1. emilia - May 28, 2008

awesome. AWESOME.
I am feeling dumb…did you take that picture yourself?
But so neat.

2. rebecca - May 28, 2008

go Juliette!!!

Wow, a baseball blog about one player– now THAT is focus!

Enjoy the finale tomorrow.

and… thanks for the comment!

3. Brad - May 29, 2008

Emilia, that picture was taken off of the TV broadcast. Though I did know two people that went to the game.

4. Chuck D - March 19, 2009

Go Yankees!!!

5. Anonymous - March 19, 2009

Go Yankees!!!

6. Brad - March 24, 2009

wrong answer, last two commenters!

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