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Dave Niehaus spreads the gospel of Rikimbilli May 17, 2008

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Here’s a transcript of a portion of the bottom of the second inning of last night’s Mariners game:

Dave Niehaus: I spoke to the Mariners’ RBI group today at noon, and there was a gentleman who had just gotten back from Cuba, who was talking to some people in, I guess, Havana and telling them that Yuniesky Betancourt played for the Mariners.  And they said, “Oh you mean Rikimbilli?”  That was his nickname in Cuba: Rikimbilli.  R-I-K-I-M-B-I-L-L-I.  And I talked to [Betancourt] before the ballgame and he said “yeah, that was my nickname down there.”

Mike Blowers: “Well, Rimibilli gets a breaking ball and hits it right down the line…”

Well, there you have it.  Niehaus confirms the double L spelling (not the one chosen by Rikimbili.com or Baseball Almanac, which says his nickname is Reeking Billy), so it must be right.

Previously: Yuniesky Betancourt needs a nickname.



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