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Pictures from when the Mariners were a winning team May 11, 2008

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Here are some pictures from the Mariners’ second game of the season 4/1/08, which was the first Felix Day of this already-finished season.

Step 1: Felix pitches…

Step 2: Kenji catches…

Step 3: Cotton candy for everyone!

it was cold.
The Safeco Field roof closed at about the same speed as the Mariners’ hopes of making the playoffs.

All these photos were taken by my girlfriend/personal photographer. She’s not the hugest baseball fan, so she often turned away from the game and got great pictures of stuff like the Safeco Field sign.

I think this sign is among the most photogenic stadium signs in baseball. The outside of Wrigley Field is probably the most photographed, but a lot of big stadiums don’t have great signage like Safeco.

It’s not the most creative pizza combination, but “The Yuniesky” sure is delicious. I really like that Yuni felt that he had to add “and cheese” to his pizza order.

Yuni singled in this at bat, driving in Vidro from third. Once upon a time Yuni was a clutch hitter, and Vidro got on base.

Strangely, there’s no photographic evidence of Josh Hamilton’s two-run homer off of J.J. Putz. Did that bomb doom the Mariners’ chances for the game, despite a late-game double by Yuni?

Yu Betcha.



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