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Yuni was bested by Bloomquist April 16, 2008

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Willie Bloomquist played better than Yuniesky Betancourt in the Mariners’ sluggish (meaning slow, not power-fueled) 11-6 win over the Royals. That’s the first time Bloomquist’s bested Betancourt this season; I’d wager it’ll only happen five more times tops when both of them are in the lineup. Their lines:

Yuni: 1-2 with a double (video here), three RBIs, and two sacrifice flies. WPA: 0.161
Little Bill: 2-2 (both singles) with two walks and one RBI plus an unsuccessful stolen base. WPA: 0.182

It’s comforting that while a utility player outshone and outclutched Yuni, at least Yuni teamed with Jose Lopez to tie the major league record for most sac flies in a game. The Mariners tied a record they previously tied on August 7th, 1988. In that game, M’s shortstop Rey Quinones hit a sac fly, and also scored on another.

Bloomquist’s great play was mildly aggravating, John Bale picking him off was even more aggravating, and the fact that John McLaren started Bloomquist in right field was frustrating. Little Bill took over Mike Morse’s spot platooning with Brad Wilkerson since Morse is on the disabled list. While the Wilkerson/Morse platoon made a little sense, Wilkerson/Willie is completely absurd because Wilkerson (a lefty) hits left-handed pitchers better than righties (here are the splits) and better than Bloomquist (again, splits). But hey, it worked last night.



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