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Yuni got benched April 10, 2008

Posted by Brad in news.
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Today’s Mariners game was terrible in a lot of ways.  They got destroyed by the Devil Rays, 7-0.  They had to play it indoors on what was clearly a sunny day in Tampa.  The game started at 9:30 in the morning.  Miguel Batista pitched–if you wonder why that’s terrible, you haven’t seen Batista pitch with runners on base that often.  There were cowbells in the crowd.

This picture sums it up pretty well:

That’s Miguel Cairo, batting in Yuniesky Betancourt’s place in the top of the 8th inning.  (You can tell it’s Miguel because of his huge right ear.)  He made his season debut after more than 700 other players this year.  The game was done.  It was so done that Dave Sims invited Dick Vitale into the broadcast booth.  Of course, Vitale said “Cairo should be a good utility player for you,” right after Vitale said his easy pop fly was a base hit.  I was disappointed that Vitale didn’t call Cairo a diaper dandy because he’s so old and immobile/incontinent.  Vitale’s best moment was when he turned a Mike Blowers comment about Vitale’s family into talking about getting inducted into the basketball hall of fame.

Anyway, any day Miguel Cairo plays instead of Yuni is a bad day.



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