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Yuni wears an ankle guard April 9, 2008

Posted by Brad in commentary, photos.

I’ve noticed this over the course of the season, but here it is, photographic proof that Yuniesky Betancourt wears an ankle guard:
Yuniesky and his ankle guard

It’s the shiny thing he’s taking off, after he hit a double down the line, even though the Fox base graphic at the top of the screen tried to limit him to a single.  I have no idea why Yuni wears it. As far as I know, he’s never had an ankle injury: at the end of last year, his bum right elbow sidelined him, and a basic Google search reveals nothing.

It’s disheartening that Yuni won’t take foul tips to the ankle like a man. At least he’s not wearing a hit-by-pitch magnet/brace on his left elbow.  And why is he more concerned with protecting his ankle with this guard than his junk with a cup?  An ankle guard may protect you against some things, but it didn’t protect Yuni from this later in the game:

Yuni getting alls struck out

Nice form there, Yuni.   Still, yesterday Yuni got two hits, Erik Bedard’s curve was deadly, the bullpen didn’t give up a lead, and the M’s won.  I’m happy.



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