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Yuni has a fan in Ephrata April 7, 2008

Posted by Brad in commentary.

The Seattle Times is posting fans’ testimonials for their favorite Mariners (as a long tail from their weird weird campaign-themed season preview), and today they posted paragraphs by Yuniesky Betancourt fans.
The winner (because, as any Yankees fan would tell you, you can win at fandom): an old lady from Ephrata, Washington. Why she’s a fan: “The biggest reason is the we share the same birthday: Jan. 31st. Of course, I am a lot older. Enough to be his grandma — 75 years and loving it.”
Sorry grandma, but a shared birthday’s a terrible reason to be a Yuniesky fan. Yuniesky made his major league debut on my birthday, so I do see every one of his games as a tiny little present.
Another fan’s plea for Yuni

“Yuni dives through the air. He’ll never get to that one, folks. That has extra bases written all over it. But wait, Yuni has caught it and flips it from his knees to Lopez, who fires to first for a 6-4-3 double play that will retire the bottom of the 7th inning. My oh my!”
I hear that so many times a game that I know that the skipper has a “jewel” at shortstop.

I hope being a fan of Yuni doesn’t mean I have to be a fan of this guy. Or read anything he writes ever again. You could only hear a double play that would end the bottom of the seventh inning once every other game, not “so many times a game.” Also, why does he use the words skipper and jewel in his rationale? And why does only put quotation marks around one of them? His never-actually-happened play-by-play call would be way too long for an actual double play and too terrible for Dave Niehaus to actually use it.
There are a couple other entries, including one extolling Yuni’s “youthful love.” It’s nice that Yuni’s getting some press, but his other fans make me wince.



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