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Yuni had his best game of the season April 2, 2008

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Last night Yuniesky Betancourt was 4-5 with two doubles, an RBI, and a run scored on a passed ball. (Official video here.)  I lost my voice screaming when Yuni slid home next to a looming Joaquin Benoit. In this nascent season, YuBet’s hitting .625. If he kept that up… I would be dreaming.
Of course, the Mariners’ fell apart after Jose Lopez’s sacrifice bunt and Richie Sexson’s strikeout stalled their 8th inning rally, then J.J. Putz gave up a game-winning home run to Josh Hamilton. (Cheer note: earlier in the game, fans in left field were shouting at Hamilton to go back to rehab. Seattle fans are a class act.)

The only flaw in Yuni’s game (besides his first at bat, a weak fly out to Hamilton in center) was in the top of the sixth. With runners on first and second, Frank Catalanotto hit a ball sharply to Yuni’s right. Yuni dove, but the ball darted just beyond his glove. If Yuni had caught that ball on the fly, he could’ve doubled up the runner at second, and ended the inning. If he’d knocked it down, maybe he could’ve gotten a double play, same ending. It was a tough play and no scorekeeper would’ve thought to give Yuni an error, but a Gold Glove shortstop makes that play. Fortunately, Felix Hernandez made one of his many great defensive plays to get out of the inning.
Yesterday’s Yuniesky “Beyond the Baseline” fun fact: Yuniesky’s favorite pizza topping: pepperoni-and-cheese. That’s all I’m eating from now on. For the second game in a row, Yuni hit the first pitch thrown, depriving fans of more of Yuni’s favorite things. I know Brad Wilkerson’s favorite snack (chocolate ice cream), Richie Sexson’s favorite charity (the fight against cancer), but not Yuni’s favorite 90’s band (Adrian Beltre likes Boyz II Men). I’m not going to the game tonight, so if you happen to see something Yuniesky likes (these get put on DiamondVision the second time through the lineup, please pass it on.



1. scott and steph - April 2, 2008

we have a vague recollection from last season… his favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla…? we can’t guarantee it, so keep your eyes opened, maybe you can seek confirmation.

2. scott - April 2, 2008

i see you didn’t mention Willie’s awesome season debut. pinch-running for Ibanez in the 8th. quality. couldn’t ask for a better pinch-runner. much better than Jimerson. who the hell is Jimerson, anyway?

3. Brad - April 2, 2008

Who scored a run last night? That’s right, Charlton Jimerson!
As for who he is, well, the M’s got him from the Astros organization last year. Also, he could have a double-first-name nickname: Charlie Jimmy.

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