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Yuni isn’t involved in this trivia April 1, 2008

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While watching the game last night, I turned to my friend Eric and said “Y’know, this is Erik Bedard’s first start for the Mariners, and it’s Opening Day.  When’s the last time that happened?  Also, Eric, Erik Bedard sure spells his name funny.”

After some mild clicking at Baseball Reference, I learned the answer to that question, of the last starting pitcher to make their Mariners’ debut on Opening Day is… Jeff FasseroRandy Johnson had back surgery in the 1996 off-season, so Fassero got the start. Johnson posted a 20-4 record with a 2.28 ERA, though.  Fassero also was the Opening Day starter in 1999, though he was relegated to the bullpen by the end of that year.

The last legit newly acquired ace to open the season for the M’s, though, was the pitcher who opened the franchise, Diego Segui.

So Erik Bedard made a neat bit of trivia last night.

One additional bit of trivia: the Mariners’ pitching coach for Johnson’s injury-plagued 1997 Opening Day was Nardi Contreras.  Great name, which becomes a bit painful when you remember 1997 was also the year Josias Manzanillo took a Manny Ramirez line drive to the nardi.



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