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Yuni played today March 31, 2008

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Yuniesky Betancourt’s line from Opening Day: 1-3, 1 run, 1 strikeout, 1 error, zero particularly great defensive plays.

Yuni’s error came in the top of the fifth. He botched the tail end of a double play–his throw to Richie Sexson was in the dirt and up the line. It bounced out of the field of play, and Rangers’ shortstop Michael Young got to second base when he should have gotten nothing. It was ugly to watch. At least Young didn’t score; Yuni threw out Hank Blalock two batters later to end the inning.

In a form of shortstop karma, Young misplayed an Ichiro ground ball in the sixth inning. Ichiro came around to score the Mariners’ first run. Young still had a better day than Yuni–he nailed a 361-foot home run off Erik Bedard in the top of the first inning.

I was at the game. Here’s proof–it’s a picture of Yuni running on a red carpet, through a balloon arch.

Yuni Carpet

During the game, as part of KOMO’s “Beyond the Baselines” graphics that run through the second time through the M’s lineup, Yuni revealed that his favorite website is MySpace. This makes me want to start two projects:
1. Collect a list of all of Yuni’s favorite things on “Beyond the Baselines”
2. Track down Yuni on MySpace. Searching for “Yuniesky Betancourt” got me nothing.
Let me know if you can help with either project.

Another big change at Safeco Field this year, besides the Super Extreme Hat Trick unleashed in the fourth inning, was the Dave Niehaus “Countdown to Cooperstown” sign in center field
Niehaus Sign
Niehaus also threw out the ceremonial first pitch. He deserved it.



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