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Yuni has the only funny Mariners commercial March 13, 2008

Posted by Brad in video.
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The Seattle Mariners released their 2008 commercials, and Yuniesky Betancourt’s is the funniest.
Yuni stars in “Yuni the Magician,” which takes a slice of Dave Niehaus’ announcement (“He’s a magician out there tonight”) all literal-like. The actual magic tricks are a tad corny, but just like last year, Yuni really sells the goofy premise with jovial conviction. He smiles through the whole commercial, though yet again doesn’t get any lines. I was critical of this commercial’s premise awhile back, but it blows the rest of this year’s commercials and Double Play Twins out of the water.

A quick review of the other commercials:
Pepe: It’s a joke about Jose Vidro being a switch hitter. How’s that funny? Hitting coach Jeff Pentland and GM Bill Bavasi guest star, appealing to Seattle’s old white guy audience.
L-Screen: Adrian Beltre fills in for a busted L-Screen during batting practice. Since he doesn’t wear a cup, it’d be prudent if a “Don’t try this at home, kids. Trained professionals only.” warning flashed on the screen. A good premise, but not really funny.
Fullness and Sheen: Mustache! It’s only the second-best commercial because a.) no Yuniesky and b.) facial hair growing contests are just a little old. That said, Willie Bloomquist does a bang up job saying “We’re having a mustache growing contest.” I can’t figure out who’s sitting behind Bloomquist and Washburn at the beginning of the commercial. Is that Jamie Burke? And the callback with Washburn and Sexson at the end is nice.
Slide Show: A nice primer to some not-especially-unique unique parts of Safeco Field. Also, not at all funny. It makes Erik Bedard and Carlos Silva look like idiots. Raul Ibanez shows some real leadership, though.
Hit the Target: Ichiro’s commercial (with a guest appearance by John McLaren) has startling production value–background music, archived footage, tricky editing. That’s the superstar treatment. Still, it doesn’t doesn’t have the cheap charm of most Mariners commercials.
Fungo: Here’s your cheap charm. The script: J.J. Putz: “Do you think they call that bat a fungo because it’s fun? I mean… fun-go?” Then Miguel Batista magically brings in a boombox, and Kenji Johjima, Eric O’Flaherty and Brandon Morrow dance like they aren’t getting paid. I have a feeling this commercial will disappear after April.

Final rankings, from best to worst: Yuni the Magician, Fullness and Sheen, Hit the Target, L-Screen, Pepe, Slide Show, Fungo. The official poll puts L-Screen on top. Your thoughts?



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