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Yuni vs. his predecessors, part 4 March 9, 2008

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Is Yuniesky Betancourt the best Mariners shortstop ever? Well, he’s probably better than this guy.
1982-1983 Todd Cruz

Todd Cruz

Stats: .218/.238/.360 in 708 at bats over a season and a half. Finally, a shortstop cracks the .360 slugging percentage ceiling. Todd did it with 24 doubles and 23 homers. Also, he struck out 95 times while accruing 19 walks.
Place in M’s fandom: Todd Cruz teamed with Julio Cruz to form the “Cruz-and-Cruz” double play combination. With five losing seasons under their belts (and ten more to come), M’s fans needed something to latch onto. And Cruz’s (or should I say cruises) and Mariners both happen on water. Todd Cruz suffers from the Craig Reynolds Syndrome: Julio Cruz is a much more beloved Mariner, and does color commentary for the M’s Spanish language broadcasts.
Cruz was traded by the M’s on the same day they dumped Julio Cruz, Gaylord Perry, and manager Rene Lachemann. These moves were collectively called the “Saturday Massacre,” apparently. This was probably the least memorable or tragic massacre ever.
Wikipedia/Google: When he was a minor leaguer, Cruz got drunk and broke into an Edmonton Hudson’s Bay department store. This story got printed in the New York Times.
Otherwise, his Wikipedia page is boring. Yuniesky’s, on the other hand, talks about how Mike Blowers thinks he’s clutch.
Todd Cruz does win the facial hair battle, though.

Tomorrow: Questionable mothering.



1. Jack M - September 7, 2008

Cruz’s sentence was the result of a ridiculous plea bargain, where he pled guilty to attempted breaking and entering even though he actually did break and enter, and did in fact take the watches.

The day after his first court appearance, Todd wanted to make a public apology over the PA system, but that was nixed, probably because he hadn’t been tried yet. A fan yelled “What time is it?” his first time at bat that night. To add to the fun, the White Sox, including co-owner Eddie Einhorn, were in Edmonton the day after that for an exhibition game with the farm team.

Todd Cruz played just 8 games with the Trappers (he gave them excellent work at shortstop), and spent only about a week of his life in Edmonton, but his stay was a memorable one.

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