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Yuni’s still selling tickets March 7, 2008

Posted by Brad in commentary.
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More leaks on this year’s Mariners commercials in the Seattle Times’s Girl About Town column.

Yuni’s co-stars include doves and a rabbit, but that’s nothing compared to the circus that broke out while filming a spot starring a fire-breather, stilt-walker, belly dancer and some clowns.

Um… I really don’t think this’ll be better than Double Play Twins. A tandem bike’s a good prop for a commercial. A belly dancer isn’t.  And the dove and rabbit sound like a wizard, which I think has already been done by a shortstop.

In not especially related news, NPR had a great story on R.A. Dickey last week. He’s missing a ligament in his arm and he throws a knuckleball. In my mind, he’s now Yuni’s wacky sidekick on the mound. This could totally work for one of the team’s commercials:
::Conversation on the mound::
R.A.: “Hey, Yuni! The bases are loaded. What should I do?”
Yuni: “Just throw the knuckleball. And don’t let your arm fall off.”
::laugh track::
R.A.: “You got it.”
::Conversation ends. Dickey throws a knuckleball. It flutters in the air before changing course, fluttering past the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Mount Rainier, a belly dancer, a stilt-walker, and a firebreather (Cirque de Soleil’s in town, I guess) before coming back and landing in Kenji Johjima mitt. An ump yells “Strike three!”:: (Yeah, there were two other strikes, but they were boring.)
Batter (an aged Willie Horton, who looks at Yuni): “Get away from me, you Mexican!”
R.A.: He’s Cuban!
::Yuni and R.A. high five, but not hard enough to break R.A.’s throwing arm.::
Willie Bloomquist (sitting on the bench): Mojo Risin’!

…that’d sell tickets.



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