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More numbers on Yuni March 7, 2008

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USSMariner has a link to the Mariners’ 2008 media guide. Yuni’s entry reinforces just how clutch he was last year: he batted .345 with runners in scoring position, turned the most double plays of any shortstop in the majors, had 15 game-winning RBI, and 6 of his 9 home runs gave the M’s the lead.
The media guide points out that Yuni committed 19 of his 23 errors before the All-Star break (thus using a small sample to imply improvement), but also says that he didn’t commit his first error until May 7th. That means he made 19 errors between May 7th and July 8th, a span of 58 games. That’s one error every three games, which is bad shortstopping.
Of course, during part of that error-fest (May 20th to June 9th), Yuni had a 20-game hitting streak.

Meanwhile, Jason at Prospect Insider‘s had two nice AL West rankings posts. He says Yuni’s the 15th best position player. No other shortstop’s in the top 25 (Michael Young, who distanced himself from Yuni in most offensive categories, is apparently 27th), and only one Texas Ranger (Ian Kinsler) is ranked higher.
In the second post, Jason says Yuni is the second-best defensive infielder and has the second-best infield arm; he trails Adrian Beltre in both categories. That’s a nice feather in a fan’s cap–I don’t deny his findings, but I don’t quite get how he got there, though. On the first post he lists the players’ Marcel and CHONE scores, which I’ve spent half an hour trying to figure out, but haven’t quite gotten there. Good thing the season hasn’t started yet; I still have time to wrap my head around these formulas.



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