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Yuni got a hit March 3, 2008

Posted by Brad in commentary, news.
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In his first game since he was injured in September, Yuniesky Betancourt got a double off the wall against the Giants on Friday. So, he can still hit.
Also worth noting: Willie Bloomquist only got a single in the game. And a bloop single at that.  Weak.

Today, the Mariners game against the Cubs will be broadcast locally on FSN. Starting at shortstop and batting ninth? Mark Kiger. Bloomquist’s starting at third base, so maybe Yuni will come off the bench. Maaaybe.
And the AP (via The Columbian) has an article on Kiger. The headline: Mariners stars have nothing on the anonymous Mark Kiger. What does Kiger have on Betancourt and Jose Lopez? That nice minutiae of being a defensive substitute in the playoffs. What do Betancourt and Lopez have on Kiger? Just money, playing time, and talent. Reading the article on Kiger gives me Willie Bloomquist flashbacks.

Seattle selected Kiger as a minor-league free agent last fall. Now, he’s in camp impressing the Mariners with a determination and aggressiveness that fits manager John McLaren’s intent of making his team run more on offense this season.
Kiger also has versatility that the Mariners love. Last season, he played five positions – first base, second base, third base shortstop and left field.

Please, stay in Tacoma, Mark Kiger.

Also, I try to be a Yuniesky Betancourt fan, but some people are far more delirious than I am. Best line of this (potentially drug-enhanced) cheer:

Yuni wont earn a gold glove because of the politics…but over the next couple years he does deserve one.

Given the end of Fidel Castro’s leadership in Cuba, perhaps the political situation will loosen up such that Yuni can get his Gold Glove. To each according to his needs!



1. rachel - March 3, 2008

I’m supportive of your fandom and all, but I really don’t want a nephew or niece named Yuniesky.

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