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Fantasy update! January 7, 2008

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It’s never obviously too early to be discussing fantasy baseball for next season, but some people are doing it, anyway.
In 2007, Yuniesky Betancourt finished 19th among all shortstops on ESPN; somehow Dustin Pedroia had shortstop eligibility because he played 6 games there in 2006.
Crooked Pitch says Yuni will basically tread water. They slot him as the ninth best shortstop in the American League in 2008 (just behind the slightly gorgeous Jason Bartlett).
With a more confusing prediction, Fantasy Baseball Guy says Yuni will be his “breakout” shortstop next year… and be the tenth best short in the A.L. FBGuy says nice things about Rikimbili, like

“Although he doesn’t hit many (home runs)’s or drive in a ton of runs, he’s very consistent, and this could be the year that we see his numbers increase”

… and then promptly ranks him below Brendan Harris, whose will lose playing time on the Devil Rays to Bartlett.
So, there’s your Yuniesky Betancourt fantasy baseball update for January. I personally don’t have the stomach for fantasy baseball, because then my rooting loyalties are torn. I realized this when I saw ex-Mariner Joel Piñeiro strike out Larry Walker, and was slightly irked, because Walker was my starting right fielder. I did just start a fantasy basketball team, and was excited to pick up Gilbert Arenas… only to put him on my bench because he’ll be injured until March.
Also, you may have noticed the new header I put up. You can find the original pictures of Yuni on Flickr (from left to right) here, here, here and here.



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