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Yuni implicated in Carlos Silva signing January 2, 2008

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Old news: Carlos Silva is the Mariners’ shiny new Christmas present that they’ll probably be bored with by July, after which they’ll still owe him over $40 million.
Why did Silva sign with the M’s? Because they gave him the most money. But what did he tell the press? That he came for Yuniesky Betancourt.
Silva in the P-I:

“We’ve got Adrian Beltre, YUNIESKY BETANCOURT!!! and Jose Lopez… With an infield like that, man, all I have to do is throw the ball over the plate. Maybe I’ll let them hit the ball and I’ll strike out even less people this year.

(Emphasis added.)
The News-Tribune has a bit more Silva:

“Before, I was mad or whatever when I gave up a base hit… Now if I get a groundball hit, that’s good for me. That means my pitch is working and I don’t even get worried about it.
If they get a base hit, let’s get another groundball. I know I give up a lot of hits, but with the sinker I have the ability to get out of the inning.”

While it’s nice that Silva can point out his biggest flaw (he can’t strike anybody out), Yuni really shouldn’t improve his game too much. Last year, Silva pitched in front of Jason Bartlett at short (he’s since been traded to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays), who is probably a better defensive shortstop than Yuniesky (evidence here and here). I thought there’d be big difference between the Metrodome (Silva’s old home field), and Safeco Field. But last year the Metrodome, despite its ugly roof, was actually a better pitchers park.

One more amusing quote from Silva in the TNT:

“Some guys, when they play, (that’s when) they show emotions. Not me. I show my emotions every minute, every second on the field. I play for my team, and not only on the mound. You are going to see Carlos screaming in the dugout all the time.”

Not only will Carlos show his emotion, he’ll also refer to himself in the third person! That’s just Carlos being Carlos.



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