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How the M’s spent their holidays January 2, 2008

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Sorry for the recent lull, I’ve been celebrating the holidays, and so have the Mariners. No one’s reporting about Yuniesky Betancourt’s holidays, but there has dirt on some other M’s.
Mariners announcer Dave Niehaus celebrated not just Christmas and New Years, but also his wedding anniversary.

I got married the day after Christmas 45 years ago. Marilyn drove to Las Vegas and believe it or not the night we got married we went to a show and saw Don Drysdale, Maury Wills and Wes Parker doing a song and dance act.

(Hat tip, Enjoy the Enjoyment)

And, the Mariners’ closer J.J. Putz has been looking back at his all-star year in 2007, and came up with this resolution for ’08:

“My biggest regret was not being able to pie everyone last year. My New Year’s resolution is not to have a repeat of last year and let some guys get away without a [shaving cream] pie [in the face].”

How have other Mariners been celebrating their holidays? Here are a few possibilities
Felix Hernandez: Hanging out on his porch, possibly overeating.
Ichiro: Admiring his new bat humidor (or eying one that wasn’t under his Christmas tree.)
Wladimir Balentien: Sitting on a beach, enjoying the lovely architecture of Curacao, occasionally weeping at the thought of having to spend next summer near the architecture of Tacoma.
Carlos Silva: Buying his dream house, complete with a trampoline room (and anything else he wants).
Former M’s outfield Chris Snelling: Going on a vision quest in his native Australian outback, resulting in him puncturing both his eye balls.
Willie Bloomquist: Riding around in a new red Radio Flyer wagon, possibly towed by Jason Ellison.
Kenji Johjima: Moping about Hiroki Kuroda signing with the Dodgers while eating a bucket of KFC chicken.
Richie Sexson, Adrian Beltre, Jarrod Washburn: Vegas Song and Dance Act, 2007! (Rally fries emcee Mike Blowers might have been in the audience.)

Yuniesky Betancourt: All joking aside, he’s probably just happy to celebrate his second winter with his family in the U.S. (and his newfound riches).



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