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Swirling rumors and swirling knuckleballs December 6, 2007

Posted by Brad in news.
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Most of the Mariners’ trade rumors surround giving Adam Jones and getting Orioles’ pitcher Erik Bedard. But, if you look hard enough, you will find people talking about Yuniesky.
Caffeinated Confines has a hypothetical M’s-Giants trade talk where they say Yuniesky’s untouchable. Really? I love Yuniesky, but recognize that he’s not on the same list as Ichiro or Felix Hernandez.
But others do see Yuni on the same tier, Larry Larue at the News-Tribune for one:

Unless Seattle is willing to move Yuniesky Betancourt or George Sherrill or Ichiro – or a combination of all that – no team (at the winter meetings) seems terribly interested in what the Mariners can offer.

Those three players, Yuni, Sherrell, and Ichiro, seem to be on completely different levels of talent and salary, and there’s absolutely no way Ichiro will be traded this year.
Jason Churchill at Prospect Insider mulls the possibility that Yuni could be packaged with Jones and Brandon Morrow in a trade for Bedard. Personally, I’m more upset that Morrow’s in that package than Yuni. Couldn’t we dump Jeff Clement on them?
Curiously, though, the only websites talking about trading Betancourt are Mariners’ sites–other teams’ fans aren’t clamoring for the Cuban Cannon.

And, in non-Yuni news, I agree with USSMariner that picking up knuckleballer R.A. Dickey in the Rule 5 draft is a good move. Knuckleballs are fun (I have no idea if Johjima has any experience catching them), and R.A. Dickey is a great name–he’ll pair well with Hiroki Kuroda, at least verbally, if both become Mariners next
Sadly, still on the table when the M’s took Dickey, and later snatched up by the Padres, was the enigmatic second baseman Callix Crabbe, who might be a Harry Potter character.



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