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Strained Slate reference December 2, 2007

Posted by Brad in commentary.
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It’s been a slow news period for Yuniesky Betancourt. He’s one of the cogs of the Mariners that isn’t being talked about at the winter meetings. I hope that he’s enjoying his off season and lying on a beach somewhere, convincing Jose Lopez to stop crying and start hitting.
I almost posted earlier this week because I had a dream that Yuniesky and Adrian Beltre signed contract extensions (it made me happy, but then I woke up and realized they both already had long-term deals.)
Anyway, Slate has an article on the intricacies of online sports gambling. What’d they choose as a title? YouBet. What a good nickname.
Also Betfair, the site detailed in the article, is giving the Mariners 26-1 odds at winning the World Series. A simple misinterpretation of that data (their odds are better than average, which would be 30-1) reveals that British bettors think the Mariners will be an above-average/winning team next season.
(Note: I don’t endorse either gambling (I find the pain of losing money outweighs the thrill of winning it) or Slate Magazine.)



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