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Yuni on ESPN (compared again!) and Facebook November 17, 2007

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On ESPN.com, Jim Caple wrote a Seattle-centric article on Alex Rodriguez called “If you don’t want A-Rod, you’re nuts,” where he said

So who would Mariners fans honestly rather have at third base now? A-Rod or Adrian Beltre? Or at shortstop: A-Rod or Yuniesky Betancourt?

Caple’s right: A-Rod is a better player than Yuniesky. There’s no statistic where Yuni is better than A-Rod, except maybe smiles. Still, while I can posit that A-Rod is a better ballplayer, as a fan I’m pretty content that my team has no chance of signing him.
And if Yuni was being compared to Andruw Jones last week, and A-Rod this week, by the end of the year Rob Neyer will be pointing out that Jesus has had a bigger impact on the world than Yuni. And he’ll be right.

Also, I created a page for Yuniesky over on Facebook. As far as I can tell, I haven’t duplicated anyone else’s efforts, though Ryan Theriot does have a MySpace tribute page that highlights that
“The Riot” sells slightly more jerseys than Yuni. I’ve got some work to do…



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