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today’s news: Everyone but Bowa on board October 23, 2007

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Larry Larue in the News Tribune has John McLaren on the record about his new buddies/Mariners coaches for next year. Highlights:

  • Eddie Rodriguez is bilingual. (My bad.) So now Yuni won’t make it past first base on his misbegotten trots.
  • On pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre: “I was coaching in Toronto when his son (Todd) came to the big leagues there, and I got to know Mel over the years… He was a winner as a player, he’s won as a pitching coach.” Growing up as a Blue Jays fan, I also knew Todd Stottlemyre before Mel. I’m honestly surprised Mel came back to work in the big leagues. Just earlier this year he released his autobiography, and, well, this year might me one of those life challenges he mentions in the title. Still, as McLaren says, he’s got a track record of success, and may do great things for King Felix, the muddled back-of-the-rotation starters, and the unsung bullpen.
  • On keeping hitting coach Jeff Pentland, McLaren said: “He’s worked so well with our young hitters – Yuniesky Betancourt, Adam Jones, Jeff Clement. He’s done a wonderful job.” The most surprising thing is mentioning Pentland helping Clement. Jeff was only with the team for a month; I wonder how much Pentland helped? Maybe they shouldn’t trade him. Also, I’m surprised Rikimbili (I’m trying it out) gets a mentino. He didn’t improve enough, especially in plate discipline, to praise the hitting coach. The same could be said for Adam Jones.

And Larry Bowa still hasn’t signed with the team, though he’s expected to. My imagined responses from the Mariners’ middle infielders:
Willie Bloomquist: “Hey, maybe he won’t be my coach, and I won’t get yelled at the whole year!”
Jose Lopez: “Whatever, I’m on vacation.”
Yuni: “Why doesn’t Larry Bowa love me? My nickname is moped!”
USSMariner is surprisingly pessimistic about the coaching decisions (maybe they still want Dan Rohn). Most of the commenters wish the M’s picked Leo Mazzone over Stottlemyre, and picked younger coaches overall.  Me, I can’t say much more about them, except that Eddie Rodriguez can speak Spanish.



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