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New header, new Beltre October 10, 2007

Posted by Brad in news.
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Look up top, there’s a new header, that actually has a picture of Yuniesky.  It’s based on this photo from Flickr by fall-line. It’s a prototype that’ll be gussied up in a day or two.
And many thanks, fall-line, for using the Creative Commons–you can afford front row seats and an iPhone, but still share your stuff. Very gracious. Thanks.)

Also, from Enjoy the Enjoyment, the Mariners are recruiting a 15-year-old New Zealander. That’s how old Adrian Beltre was when the Dodgers signed him. This kid, Daniel Devonshire, says he’ll try to get a college scholarship. The best thing about the article, though, is that the writer clearly doesn’t understand baseball. They never say his position (please don’t be shortstop…), and here’s the only stat they list on Devonshire:

He held the record of 18 minutes for the longest time spent in the ice bath-used to speed up recovery.

He can stay in cold water for 18 minutes? Sign him up! We can use him in April in Cleveland!



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