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YuTube October 9, 2007

Posted by Brad in video.
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Part of the reason I want to blog about Yuniesky Betancourt is that while he’s an exciting young player, he doesn’t receive much attention, even with his incredibly long name.

Case in point: there’s only one video on YouTube with Yuniesky Betancourt, and you can barely see him in it. Here it is:

See that gray fuzzy thing running from home to second? That’s Yuni!

Of course, Yuniesky isn’t completely absent from the interweb, just web 2.0. There is a good video of him in the Seattle Mariners 2007 ad “Double Play Twins” (scroll down on that link for the video). The ad’s premise: Yuniesky Betancourt and Jose Lopez are Latino middle infielders, and thus twins who do everything together. This year’s ads were weak, but at least they get a theme song!

While Yuni may not have a speaking part (that glory is left for Jose), you can tell he’s got the acting bug. He has plenty of little flourishes, like:

  • the way he spins after finishing the double play
  • his big shining smile after eating the burger, while working the medicine ball, and riding a tandem bike
  • his happy, widening eyes while exchanging a knowing glass while brushing his teeth (post-burger? we can only guess)
  • the dip in his shoulder when playing the accordion
  • how he hangs his head in shame when Adrian Beltre disapproves, yet keeps on peddling.

Yes, he should be more dejected when losing that game of Connect Four, but hey, he’s supposed to follow the Emanski method, not the Stanislavski method.  Like he says in his cameo in the 2006 M’s ad “Talk to the Glove,” (again, scroll and click) all he really wants to do is turn double plays.

This is a guy that’s been on Baseball Tonight’s Web Gems. Why isn’t he conquering the internet?



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