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A guide to the 2007 playoff teams October 6, 2007

Posted by Brad in commentary.
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If you’re like me, and one of the fans of the 22 teams that didn’t make the playoffs, October is kind of a letdown, regardless of what Dane Cook yells. Still, the allure of televised baseball (at 1 p.m. Pacific, no less) is too strong to resist. But it’s no fun to watch unless you have a team to cheer for. So, I’ve devised this little guide for picking which team to support:

You rooted for Boston in 2004, before Jimmy Fallon made it annoying: Chicago Cubs. As Cubbies fans will tell you, they haven’t won a World Series for even longer than the Sox’s drought. Next year will mark a century of suckitude. And just like those Sox, they already have their back up against the wall, down 2-0 to the D’backs.
You like to wear red , and you like your fellow fans to be long-suffering and insufferable: (tie) Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox. Boston fans had their year in 2004, so now it’s hard to see a team with a $143 million payroll as an underdog. I have more sympathy for the Phillies, which eclipsed 10,000 losses this year. Winning the World Series in the same season would be a nice story.
You think there’s no “I” in team. Or “superstar,” “offense,” or “excitement”: Arizona Diamondbacks. There’s not much of a reason to root for the Diamondbacks. They’re an expansion team in a city that really shouldn’t exist (Phoenix), and they’ve already won a championship. Even people in Phoenix don’t care about the D’backs–they’re 12th in the NL in attendance, even though you never have to bring a sweatshirt or umbrella to the BOB Chase Field. Still, there’s something refreshing about a team that lacks a hitter with a .300 hitter or 100 RBIs. (CF Chris Young has 32 home runs, saving the team from a triple crown of futility). Of course, they do have the best pitcher in the NL in Brandon Webb. And that two game lead in their series with the Cubs is also nice to have.
You root for the shark in Jaws and the World Bank in the real world: The Yankees. They’re big and ferocious. Their morals are questionable. End of story.
You don’t care about geography, you just like fast legs: Los(t) Angeles Angels of Anaheim. As any M’s fan will tell you, they run from first to third better than anyone. They were second in the AL in stolen bases (and first in caught stealing). They’re one of the few teams that had a DH (Reggie Willits) in the lineup primarily for his speed. Otherwise, I can’t condone rooting for the Angels.
You don’t care about political correctness, but just like fast balls: Cleveland Indians. Chief Wahoo be darned, they’ve got two of the best pitchers left, in C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona. And they’ve got closer Joe Borowski, who led the league in saves, but also had an ERA over 5.00. And their bullpen has a Betancourt (Rafael). They all throw the ball quickly.
You fondly remember when your team had a magical pennant race: Colorado Rockies. The Rockies don’t lose. They’ve lost one game since September 16th. Will they now lose three in a row? Probably not. They’re who I’m rooting for.



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