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Mariners’ Country of Origin Labeling October 3, 2007

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Whenever I go to a game, friends and family always ask where so-and-so is from This happens when you have three Jose and a tilde’d left fielder in your starting line up.
And if fish have Country of Origin Labeling, why not baseball players?
Here’s the list.

Cuba: Yuniesky Betancourt (you can bet I’ll write about this more in the future)
Dominican Republic: Adrian Beltre (as the jersey on Beltre’s super-fan at Safeco Field will tell you), Jose Guillen, Miguel Batista
Japan: Ichiro(!), Kenji Johjima
Venezuela: Felix Hernandez, Jose Lopez
South Korea: Cha Seung Baek
Australia: Ryan Rowland-Smith
Canada: Chris Reitsma
Curacao (The Netherlands): Wladimir Balentien
Mexico: Jorge Campillo

And, the Americans’ breakdown (based largely on high school):
Washington state: Richie Sexson, Willie Bloomquist, Jason Ellison, Eric O’Flaherty, Sean White
California: Adam Jones, Jeremy Reed, Charlton Jimerson, Jeff Weaver, Horacio Ramirez, Brandon Morrow, Jake Woods
Texas: Ben Broussard, Mark Lowe
Florida: Mike Morse, Jon Huber
Ohio: Ryan Feirabend, Rick White
Tennessee: George Sherrill, Jason Davis
Oregon: Jamie Burke (surprising, since he’s the only M with a country song intro)
Montana: Rob Johnson
New York: Raul Ibanez
Puerto Rico: Jose Vidro
Iowa: Jeff Clement (I saw 13 Going on 30 in his hometown of Marshalltown. He’s probably more proud of the place than I am.)
Wisconsin: Jarrod Washburn
Michigan: J.J. Putz
Kentucky: Sean Green
Georgia: Nick Green
Pennsylvania: John Parrish

Conclusions: Dominican Republic’s got a lot of ballplayers. Beltre’s actually the perfect example of why, since he was signed as a 15-year-old by the Dodgers for a $23,000 bonus. Young foreigners, except Japanese players, are cheaper to sign than young Americans.
Also, the M’s have a lot of Northwest ballplayers. This is probably a mix of actually having scouts here, and the team’s desire to have write ups in the Kitsap Sun–I mean, local boys for the fans to root for.
And, doing this research has made me a bigger fan of Jeff Clement.



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