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Well, he can still run September 30, 2007

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Apparently flexor bundles don’t extend to your legs. Before Friday’s game, the Seattle P-I said that Yuniesky was available to pinch run in the game. Yuniesky must’ve taken that note to heart, because he tried to pinch run during Jeff Clement’s walk-off home run.

Yuni told the P-I:

“I thought it was a double, and I went out there to pound on him,” explained a sheepish Betancourt. “I thought it had bounced over the fence.”

His misjudgment is understandable. It’s not like infielders have to read balls hit 350+ feet. And he hasn’t had to run for the past week, so I sure he enjoyed the exercise.

Even Jeff Clement was confused, though:

“I didn’t know what people were laughing at, if it was just the way I run or something,” Clement said.

Rookie. Seriously, who’s ever made fun of a dude hitting a game-winning homer because of the way he walks? And who makes fun of Betancourt? Well, the whole team, as John McLaren told the News-Tribune:

“Don’t ask me about Betancourt, I haven’t seen it yet,” McLaren said. “I’ve heard them laughing in there, so I want to see it. I’m just glad I didn’t see it at the time. I was too busy watching Clement’s ball to worry about whatever Yuni was doing.”

This is where things get disappointing. I haven’t found a great video of Betancourt on the base paths. I’ve seen video of the game, and some of the highlight replays, but none of them show Yuniesky sprinting behind Clement. The best video evidence of Yuni’s exuberance is the live coverage of Clement’s game winner:

You can barely see Yuniesky when Clement’s rounding first, then see him peel off to talk to third base coach Carlos Garcia as Clement rounds home. Mike Blowers laughs, but who knows why.



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