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Today’s news: Take the fork out of him? September 28, 2007

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One enduring legacy of 1993 kiddie baseball movie Rookie of the Year is that it introduced me to the cliche “Stick a fork in ’em, he’s done.”  Grizzled veteran Chet “Rocket” Steadmen (wonderful name) exclaimed it in a key game.  The Cubs then brought in flame-throwin’ reliever Henry Rowengartner, a pre-teen with a troubling arm condition.  Sound managing decision, there.

Speaking of questionable managing tactics, news from the Seattle Times

(Mariners Manager John) McLaren wasn’t sure before the game whether SS Yuniesky Betancourt was done for the season…. McLaren was to consult with a team doctor on what to do with the shortstop and injured 1B Richie Sexson.

So will the fork be pulled out of him?
With Yuniesky right arm in as tenuous a state as Rowengartner’s and nothing to play for (especially now that McLaren’s already been resigned for next year, and doesn’t need to pad his record with meaningless September victories), it’s probably best to let YuBet sit. You can still see him running around on Safeco Field after Mariners’ victories. Just pray that his furious high fives don’t damage his flexor bundles.
One glimmer of hope is that Richie Sexson (for whom McLaren is also following the team doctor’s orders) hasn’t played since September 9th.
Side note: Aberdeen’s Richie Sexson has a slugging percentage of .399 this year. Yuniesky’s? .418. Just about every player compares favorably to Richie Sexson this year, but still.



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