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Today’s news: this blog is cursed! September 27, 2007

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Welcome to Yuniform, which I hope to be a form for news, statistics, analysis, and emotions on Yuniesky Betancourt, shortstop of the Seattle Mariners. I’ll post a mission statement… sometime, but first, today’s news on Betancourt:

From the Tacoma News-Tribune

Five days after feeling a twinge of pain in his right elbow while making a throw, shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt underwent a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test Wednesday – and came away relieved.


The Mariners are not about to rush him back for the final four games, and would rather he go into the offseason well-rested than bring him back and have him worsen what was diagnosed as a mild sprain of the flexor bundle.

So, the day after I start a Yuniesky blog, Yuniesky is possibly declared done for the season. And what the heck is a flexor bundle?

If there’s long-term harm to Yuniesky’s throwing arm, this could be bad, bad news both for Betancourt, and the Mariners, who have him under contract into the next decade.

Also, thoughts and prayers for the family of Rob Reagle, the longtime M’s clubhouse assistant who was found dead at his house today. Most of today’s news on Yuniesky led with the tragic death of Reagle. So Yuniesky isn’t doing too bad, I guess.



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